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May 31, 2012


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Joe B

He's an idiot! This is a perfect example of how govt. regulation adds cost, unnecessarily, and and not even address the primary reason for the regulation in the first place! I suppose the next step is to track, ration and limit the amount a person is PERMITTED to buy in a week, month, year. But now Bloomberg can thump his chest and claim he did something about obesity as mayor of NY. Counter point, I suppose one could argue that idiotic regulations can actually stimulate the economy because they create opportunities for entreprenuers to invent and devolop goods and services that address the demands of the regulation. Nah, anyone making that argument is and idiot also.

Laura Jane

I saw Bloomberg on the Today Show this morning (sick day, ftw!) discussing this dire issue. The Today Show was careful to point out that Bloomberg's administration is also celebrating today's national holiday: National Doughnut Day. Bloomberg immediately jumped to defend himself, explaining that Doughnut Lassies brought the (admittedly scrumptious) baked goods out to soldiers during World War I blahblahblah.

Mayor Bloomberg, I think we all know the only appropriate beverage to pair with a dozen bismarcks would be a 48oz Diet Coke. Unless you're going to start limiting how many doughnuts we can eat, too...

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