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March 24, 2012


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stan chaz

Blame the Hoodie? GIVE ME A BREAK. It was raining.... the kid was running.....and being stalked.......and ....SORRY... but we don't ALL use Totes umbrellas when going to the corner grocery store for a snack! Nor SHOULD we risk losing our very lives while doing so! Mr. Rivera: you should be ashamed of your inane, insensitive comments, and your attempts to create "excuses" for the inexcusable actions of judge-jury-and-executioner George Zimmerman, and those that would imitate him. We are becoming a society that sees threats under every rock; a society that sees danger with every “other” that is not just like us;  a society with control-freaks running rampant (whether politicians or mayors or police chiefs or individuals). Power-hungry people that are only too eager to take advantage of our fears; that are only too eager to get away with anything and everything that they can, as they deprive us of our our liberty (and sometimes our lives)...all in the name of defending it. What a shell game. Were it only a game. For it’s part of a slippery slope that includes the worst provisions of the Patriot Act, the police spying on innocent people, papers-please and stop&frisk gone wild, the “right” to indefinitely detain Americans without trial, and homicidal “vigilantes” such as we have tragically seen here. It’s a slippery slope that ultimately leads to a police state/Orwellian mentality that is more typical of places such as China or Cuba - not America .We USED to stand proud and free, and contrasted our open society to such places. Now we imitate them. Our country is better than this. Our values are better than this. WE are better than this. Don’t blame the hoodie...blame what we are becoming, and allowing, and doing as a society. For we have come to accept things that should NEVER be accepted by a freedom-loving people. It’s time, way past time, to reverse course.


Well-argued. Love the warning against bowties too. It's a tragedy. I'd be interested to hear how the murder has or hasn't changed your view on concealed weapon permits for civilians

Hoodies Suppliers

Im saddened by this story!! indeed a tragedy.

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