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February 21, 2008


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I would pick the lice out of your hair any day.

John Bonham

It strikes me that you have found what you sought by deciding what the answer must be first (you can certainly accuse me of the same thing). I'm reminded of the Israeli who made news this week by publishing his opinion that Moses was high on psychotropic drugs when he supposedly spoke with God. He needn't have qualified that he was an atheist who had used such drugs extensively himself - that was evident from his conclusion. Seek and you shall find indeed!

I would not argue that some Christians don't seek the good to avoid perceived personal risk in eternity. Catholic theologians refer to this as imperfect love of God, where the root of the action is fear of punishment or personal seeking of heaven for the self's sake. Perfect love is love of God because of His intrinsic deserving of our love, independent of how it affects us personally - not an easy task. As G.K. Chesterton said, "Christianity has not been tried and found wanting, it has been tried and found difficult."

It's not hard to realize with the use of reason that we would be naturally inclined to act in a way that God wants us to act if we are indeed "made in His image", and that our biology would reflect that (see John Paul II's Theology of the Body). Faith and reasons are pillars holding up the same lintel (incidentally, you will find no greater defender of the use of reason than Pope Benedict XVI, which is the topic he was discussing when the Muslims got so angry in 2006). After all, I'm willing to bet there have been more significant Jesuit scientists than atheist scientists. If you really want someone to "show you the Deity" I suggest St. Thomas Aquinas. There is no need to wade through the entire Summa Theologica - he covers philosphical proof of a Creator near the beginning of the work.

I deeply respect your work building houses in Mexico and admire you for it. Who knows - if you keep writing you may end up as our 21st century C.S. Lewis - a once committed atheist who became the best known Christian apologist of the last century.

See you tomorrow in Miami!

Scott Perlman

People have asked me why I am publishing a blog. It is for responses like John's.
John, if you ever want to be a guest writer here you have an open invitation. Mi blog es su blog.

John Bonham

Gracias mi amigo. Vaya con Dios.

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